This is a big one for me and something that is so important to all of us women out there.

I tried to do it all. I wanted to be that SuperWoman. I juggled holding down a highly successful but very demanding full-time job, running a home, cooking wonderful meals every evening, running around after my husband and children and caring for my parents.

I was constantly running from one place to the other trying to be perfect. 

Then one day I went pop! I collapsed under the strain and was seriously ill for quite a while. On the road to recovery, I realised what was the point of striving for perfection all the time and trying to fit in absolutely everything if I was constantly under pressure and not enjoying life.

What good would I be to my family and friends if I dropped dead through all the stress?

I have since found many ways to reduce the stress in my life and it has made me such a better person. I realise now that my friends come to my house to see me, not to see how much dust there is on top the cupboards. My children tell me how much more fun and relaxed I am.

Is the world going to come crashing down if their rooms aren’t clean and spotless all the time?  I doubt it.

Seriously, take a good hard look at your life and find ways to live as stress-free as possible. It is probably the most important thing you can do.